We produce all our CCN garments in one of our two factories located in China. Our production facilities use a mixture of old school, handmade techniques alongside modern processes and equipment.

Our state of the art sublimation method is vital to the production of your garments while the know-how of our talented team members ensures we produce products to the highest standards.

We have just over 120 team members working across our various production departments in addition to our dedicated quality control team. Our manufacturing departments utilise approximately 5,500 square meters of space and our senior production management team has combined custom sublimation experience of over 10 years.

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CCN Our Production

Cutting Department

We utilise custom spreading and cutting tables, each dedicated to a specific type of fabric. A variety of manually operated power knives are used to accurately cut the various elements and fabrics in your custom products. Each of the pattern elements is printed using garment specific marker software on one of our pattern printers. The cut elements are then safely stored in a special contaminant-free room awaiting the sublimation process.

CCN Cutting Department

Printing Department

All of our custom garment production is produced using large format, state-of-the-art digital printers. For the 2018 season, we purchased brand new Epson sublimation printers; they use custom-built print profiles which allow us to fine-tune our colours to be some of the deepest, darkest in the industry. We then print your custom designed artwork onto transfer papers which we will later use in the sublimation department. 

CCN Printing Department

Sublimation Department

The process starts when we place the cut elements of fabric onto the printed papers. Then through sublimation, which is to turn the printed inks into a gaseous state and immediately cool them, we permanently impregnate the fabric with your design using deep, vibrant colours. We use Monte Antonio® transfer presses for this operation due to their accuracy and finite ability to control the exact time, pressure and temperature during the transfer operation.

CCN Sublimation Department

Sewing Department

Our sewing departments have a huge assortment of fully automated sewing machines, each specifically configured for the operations needed to construct your custom garment. Thread types, colours, needle types, and sizes are just some of the very many details we control during this stage of production. However, the care and attention of our team members are what ensures we meet the highest standards throughout the production of your custom garments.

CCN Sewing Department

Quality Control Department

We check and recheck every colour, parameter, and detail of your order to ensure the products delivered are what you ordered. We start by examining the sublimated artwork and compare that to the approved design proofs; then we confirm the final colours match those ordered. Every garment is measured in multiple locations to ensure the sewn-sizing matches the product specification. Finally, we check fabric, stitching, and zippers for blemishes. If at any point we find the smallest imperfection the garment will be refused and sent back to production to be repaired or replaced.

CCN Quality Control Department